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2016 Conference Presentations




Peter de Jager is a speaker/writer/consultant on the issues relating to the Rational Assimilation of the Future. He has published hundreds of articles on topics ranging from Problem Solving, Creativity and Change to the impact of technology on areas such as privacy, security and business. His articles have appeared in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Futurist and Scientific American. His monthly schedule is hectic… In addition to presentations and seminars on the topics above, he writes about a dozen regular columns.

His presentations use humor to challenge the myths surrounding our understanding of the Change process and the benefits of technology. His talks are suitable to both staff and upper management. His single minded objective, despite the global nature of some of the issues, is always to provide actionable solutions and new avenues of approach to seemingly intractable problems.

The Complete Consultant
Chuck Vondra Principal, Senior Consultant ~ Communication Strategies

What does it take to be a successful consultant? What are the attributes? How to rate in each area? What can you do to improve in each area to become a “complete Consultant”. This can be used to improve personal skills and to develop staff development.

The Power of SDN (aka “Not Your Grandmother’s Network”)
Stephen Leaden, President ~ Leaden Associates, Inc.

Ron Pickett, Principal ~ RDM Management Group

There are a number of disruptive technologies dramatically changing the economy. The World Economic Forum believes that we are transitioning from the “Internet Era” to one where the barriers between man and machine are dissolving. Software Defined Networks (SDN) is one of these technologies, and GA for several years now, mature and ready. With the new onslaught of IoT and Big Data, and the UC market now here for real-time voice, video, and collaboration, SDN and SD-WAN is now becoming one of the key trends in the IT market. 

 SDN promises to simplify network requirements, manage down hardware network requirements by as much as 50%, and IT staff requirements to support. SDN is game changing. The SDN addressable market is expected to be a $100B market by 2022. Please join SCTC experts Steve Leaden and Ron Pickett for a lively session that will describe this disruptive economic transition, focusing on the compelling SDN business case and how this will affect UC.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Structuring and Pricing Savings-Based Audits
Molly Zraik, President ~ The BAZ Group

This practice management session digs into the heart of the good, the bad and the ugly of structuring and pricing contingency based audits. Join in the conversation with seasoned auditing consultants and discuss real-life scenarios and solutions to the common challenges of collecting on a contingency audit when the savings are huge and over-committing service and support demands when there is not enough savings to cover your time. Let’s compare how those of us who do this work frequently have navigated these waters to come away with tips on how to develop stronger client relationships and uncover best practices to soften the impact of the business-affecting issue of contingency vs. hourly based pricing.

How Consultants can Add Value in Today’s Market
Jon Arnold, Principal ~ J Arnold & Associates

SCTC members face unprecedented challenges with disruption happening across the entire value chain. Technology is changing faster than your customers can adapt, and the legacy-based expertise of consultants is declining in both value and relevance. Some consultants are thriving, but others are struggling, and being an independent analyst, SCTC member Jon Arnold is in the right place to understand this divergence. Jon has undertaken his own research within the community, personally interviewing a cross-section of consultants, and will share his top-line insights with us in this session. If you’re looking to find ways to add new value for your customers and stay on the right side of the innovation curve, you’ll want to attend Jon’s presentation.

RFP Panel Discussion - Looking at RFPs From Both Sides Now
Melissa Swartz, Owner ~ Swartz Consulting, LLC
Panel:  Byron Battles ~ Technology Trends Group
Jeff Carroll, Service Design Specialist ~ ShoreTel
Eric Groene, Directory Systems Engineering - North America ~ Mitel
Kristine Hansen, Central Region Channel Sales Manager ~ Genesys

This lively panel discussion will address the issues surrounding RFPs, and frustrations of both vendor and consultants. From the vendor side, we will review reasons for not responding to RFPs, what makes a "good" RFP, and advice on creating better RFPs.  From the consultant side, we will discuss what makes us eliminate RFP responses, the characteristics of an effective response, and advice on responding to RFPs.

Cabling Infrastructure – What’s New and Why it Matters
Moderator: Sara Uzel, President ~ Technology Trends Group
Panel:  Frank Straka, Product Line Manager, Copper Cable ~ Panduit

Todd Harpel, Director Strategic Alliances & Technical Services ~ Berk-Tek, LLC
Stephen Boschert, Product Category Manager ~ Graybar Electric Company, Inc.

The SCTC will lead a panel discussion on Cabling Infrastructure with representatives from Panduit, Berk-Tek, & Graybar.  We will cover such topics as Category 6A, proposed Category 8, OM4 fiber and PoE Types; AV cabling needs and trends as AV and Video merge on the corporate network. The lines between electrical design with low voltage lighting and Voice and Data low voltage design are blurring. What do these things mean to your future design assumptions and what you should advise your clients?



Developing and Deploying Enterprise AV Standards (NOT AVAILABLE)
. Shane Long, Principal ~ Waveguide Consulting, Inc.

Enterprise class presentation and collaboration systems are built on AV designs that provide a path towards consistent and scalable user experiences – without sacrificing innovation. Proactive organizations adopt systems that create reliable and repeatable results with a plan to address our industry’s continuously morphing technology. Course participants will gain insight and learn methodologies beneficial to the development and deployment of enterprise standard presentation systems.

Passive Optical LAN: Welcome Disruption?
Shaun Harker, Sr. Associate Vice President ~ CallisonRTKL

Disruptive technologies, by their very nature, challenge the status quo. They often scare us… irrationally. Passive Optical LAN is one of those technologies. This session will demystify the technology, provide a basic understanding of POL, its value proposition, how it works and solution options… It will help identify the perfect fit and the pitfalls. And, finally, we will examine customer case studies that will get behind the technology and into the hope, the realities and the financials.

Hidden Secrets to Contact Center Technology
Patrick Skahen, Principal Consultant ~ IP Contact Solutions Corporation

The contact center has always been the Swiss Army knife of the organization by functioning as the catalyst for merging, or colliding, of technologies. Initially just voice - then data, today there are what seem an unlimited number of technologies converging on the contact center. The saying "just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should" has never been more true than today. So what are the criteria to evaluate these technologies? This session will uncover the hidden secrets to contact center design as we discuss the plethora of technologies to insure the greatest return on contact center investment.

1+1 = 3. A Marriage made in SCTC. How 2 SCTC members successfully collaborate to improve client success and increase revenue.
Art Yonemoto, President ~ Yonemoto & Associates
Ari Reingowsky, President ~ Trien & Associates, Inc.

As the industry has become more complex with constant changes, it is increasingly difficult for a consultant to keep up with everything. In order to provide the best services to our clients, we realize that it makes sense to establish relationships with other (SCTC) consultants. The partnership between Trien Associates and Yonemoto & Associates is a successful example of an SCTC collaboration. See how everyone benefitted (Client, Trien, and Yonemoto) by reviewing actual cases studies.

Cellular Antenna Site Lease Negotiation Strategies, Installation Requirements and Restrictions as well as Implementation Project Management Processes for Multi Story Office Building Roof Top Installation Sites
John Lambert, Managing Principal ~ Lambert & Associates

Gain real world knowledge, from the property owner’s point of view, of wireless industry strategies and caveats related to lease negotiation and implementation project management for single and co-located carrier projects on and in multi-story office buildings.

Regulatory Update
Martha Buyer, Consultant & Attorney ~ Law Offices of Martha Buyer, PLLC

Martha will present an informative and entertaining session highlighting current topics in communications technology law and policy relevant to consultants, VAC members and guests. Got legal questions now? Let Martha know two weeks in advance of the meeting and she will be prepared to answer them.

Interactive Session on Ethics - Exploring the Consultant / Vendor Relationship
J.R. Simmons, President ~ COMgroup, Inc.

Join in as we review the results of a pair of consultant and VAC surveys regarding the variety of ways consultants and vendors interact. Open discussion will be held on the types of engagements that may provide a perceived financial benefit to otherwise fiercely independent consultants. Are there gray areas that should be clarified for all SCTC members, or is this open for individual judgement?

Case Study: Rebuilding the WAN Architecture for the Cloud (NOT AVAILABLE)
Taki Remtulla, CTO & Board Member of Abilita Consulting ~ Abilita

Software defined networking is changing the way carriers and end users design, deploy and manage global WAN. The enterprise case study will examine the business drivers for the new WAN architecture – Hybrid WAN at the edges and High-speed layer 2 in the core. The challenges enterprises typically encounter during transitioning from all-MPLS to a hybrid WAN. Experiences and lessons learnt from designing and transitioning to Hybrid WAN for business applications, growth, cost control and security.

Discussion about the Changes in Security
Scott Murphy, VP Business Development ~ Data Perceptions Inc.

Security for a business used to be an easy thing – you lock a door and the bad guys don’t get in. Now the bad guys don’t even need to know your business name, they just need an IP address and 500,000 computers all over the world, and they can come knocking all at once. Recently big companies’ security breaches have hit the news from Sony to Target – if these guys can’t keep up, how can a smaller business? Security is no longer easy, or cheap. Eric and Scott will lead a discussion about technology security and operations and highlight the major risks. They will provide an overview of the risk mitigations tools, methodologies, and how to figure out when you have spent enough.

LOCKNOTE:  The Third Wave is coming, will you ride the crest or be caught in the undertow?
Elizabeth English, Principal & Consultant ~ EE and Associates, LLC
Thomas Brannen, Principal ~ Wassaw Consulting

Take a break from the ins and outs of technology to shift your focus to a broader view. This session will identify the past and upcoming trends or "waves" of technology and provide insight into what will be required to successfully compete in the new economy. Exciting things are on the horizon. What fundamental changes will businesses need to make to continue to be relevant? join us to find out.


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