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Consultant Membership: Why Join The SCTC?
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What Consultant Membership in the SCTC Means

The SCTC is an international professional association devoted to information and communications technology consulting. Ninety percent of consultant members are owners, principals, or practice leaders of their firms. Our members are highly qualified, diverse in specialty, and independent from any financial affiliation with vendors of products and services. The SCTC connects consultants to end-users, to each other, and to vendors of the products and services they analyze and recommend.

Joining the SCTC means being part of a powerful network of consultants with access to the collective resources of the organization:

  • SCTC membership helps you compete with larger consulting firms, by providing access to a powerful, international network of consultant members who have a wide range of skills, experience, and business contacts.
  • It provides external validation that you have met a high standard for experience and professionalism, which will help distinguish your practice from competitors, and give clients confidence that hiring you is the right choice.
  • It confirms that your consulting practice is vendor independent, and gives clients and prospects confidence that your recommendations are not influenced by external vendor ties or incentives.
  • SCTC membership provides opportunities for collaboration and teaming, building business relationships that result in more consulting opportunities.
  • It expands your market opportunities, providing access to additional, "just in time” expertise, enabling you to remain nimble without adding permanent staff.
  • It provides the sole proprietor or small business person the advantages of being part of a large, multi-national organization.
  • SCTC membership gives you access to best practices, leveraging the collective knowledge of society member’s established processes, case studies, and other resources.
  • SCTC membership provides you with access to a variety of vendors who serve in an advisory capacity to the society, for support with issues, opportunities to learn about their product offerings, as well as influence future market developments by sharing your customer needs and insights.
  • It provides you with ongoing opportunities for professional growth, collaboration, and education. SCTC conferences and webinars help keep members up to date with technology changes, regulatory issues, and practice management.

Through the SCTC, you will find a wealth of opportunities to initiate and foster new business relationships, resulting in increased consulting engagements, thoughts on how to build your practice, and ideas for serving your clients.  The long-standing relationships you build with colleagues and vendors can be extremely helpful for business development and for your professional growth.

Click here to review SCTC membership requirements and to download an information packet and application.



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SCTC Annual Conference

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